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Terracotta funerary plaque

Terracotta funerary plaque

Artist : Anonymous

Date : approx. between 620 and 600 B.C.

Material : Terra cotta
Acquisition : Rogers Fund (1914)
Prothesis (laying out of the dead)
Item 22 on 25
Greek Antiquities

Vitrine : V01

Area related
Attique (Greece)


During the Archaic period, burials shafts in Attica were often covered with solid, rectangular, houselike structures with plastered mud-brick walls. A series of terracotta plaques showing different stages of the funeral were probably set into the outer walls.

In the latter sixth century B.C., the elaborate series of funerary plaques were replaced by single plaques with holes for attachment.

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Terracotta funerary plaque