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Artist : Claude Monet

Date : 1904

Sizes : 92 cm x 81 cm
Material : Oil on canvas
Acquisition : (1911)
Orsay Museum

Second Floor - Section 39
Item 3 on 12
French Painting

Area related
London (England)


In fall 1899 and February-April 1900, Monet executed a series of views of the Thames River in London. He painted Waterloo Bridge and Charing Cross Bridge from his room in the Savoy Hotel and the Houses of the Parliament from Saint Thomas's Hospital across the river. While in London, Monet reportedly worked on as many ninety canvases, moving from one to anther as the light changed. In his studio in Giverny, he worked on the paintings until 1903, when he wrote to Durand-Ruel :
"I cannot send you a single canvas of London ... It is indispensable to have them all before me, and to tell the truth not one is definitely finished. I develop them all together."
In May 1904, thirty-seven were exhibited at the Durand-Ruel gallery in Paris.

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