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Railways station

Railways station

Date : 1915

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Définitif) : 1999

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Outdoor architecture

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Nikko (Japon)


This station started its operation in 1890. This is the oldest wooden building in the operation area of JR East. This was built with Oya stone, which was produced in Utsunomiya City. Frank Lloyd Wright designed this building, but he also designed the former Imperial Hotel, which also was built with the Oya stone. The JR Nikko Station is well known as the noted building that the Romanesque atmosphere of Meiji period remains. The whity building becomes fantastic by light up in the night.
There is the guestroom next to the stationmaster's office. That guestroom was used by the Emperor of Taisho period when he visited Imperial Villa in Tamozawa. The guestroom has been stored until today without any changes. It is 40 square meters, chandelier is put on the ceiling, the floor is covered by gorgeous carpet, and stove is made of and whity marble stone.

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Railways station
Franck Lloyd Wright