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Head of a Woman

Head of a Woman

Date : near 1654

Material : Oil on canvas
J. Paul Getty Museum
French and Flemish Paintings 1600-1700
East Pavilion
First Floor - Section E202
Item 15 on 18
European Painting

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Sweerts probably painted this vivid portrait of a peasant woman in Rome; the pink and gray tones and dark background are typical of his Italian period. The complex brushwork, alternately blending and separating stokes of different shades, creates a sense of immediacy and lends beauty to this characterization of a woman prematurely aged by poverty and labor.
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Louvre Museum :
Hollande - Milieu du XVIIème siècle
Le jeune homme et l'entremetteuse
Scène intérieure
Michael Sweerts
Sizes : 19 cm x 27 cm
near 1660

Metropolitan Museum of Art :
Rubens, van Dyck
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Scène intérieure
Michael Sweerts
near 1661
Head of a Woman
Michael Sweerts