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Landscape with a Calm

Landscape with a Calm

Date : between 1650 and 1651

Material : Oil on canvas
J. Paul Getty Museum
French and Flemish Paintings 1600-1700
East Pavilion
First Floor - Section E202
Item 9 on 18
European Painting
Painting (Landscape)

Area related
Rome (Italy)


Poussin painted this classical landscape in Rome for one of his most important patrons, the Parisian merchant Jean Pointel. Rather than depicting a scene from literature, its subject is man's relationship to nature. The geometric forms, luminous tonality, and fluid brushwork create a lyrical visual harmony, reflecting Poussin's belief that painting was "mute poetry".
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Oskar Reinhart "Am Römerholz" Museum :
From Ingres to van Gogh
Roman Landscape
Römische Landschaft
Jean-Franįois Millet et Nicolas Poussin
Sizes : 94 cm x 130 cm
approx. from 1665 to 1670
Landscape with a Calm
Nicolas Poussin