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The Last Supper

The Last Supper

Event : La Cène

Date : approx. between 1315 and 1340

Material : Tempera on canvas
Acquisition : Robert Lehman Collection (1975)
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sienese Renaissance
Robert Lehman Wing
Ground Floor
Item 18 on 19
Italian Painting

Area related
Siena (Italy)

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Antalya Museum :
Hall of Icons
The Last Supper
Religious theme
near XIInd century

Cappadocia : Göreme - Selime - Zelve :
Karanlik Church
The Last Supper
Religious theme
from XIst to XIInd century

Gemäldegalerie :
Italian Painting - 15th century
Last Supper
Das Abendmahl
Thème religieux
Piero di Giovanni
Sizes : 47 cm x 142 cm
near 1390

Los Angeles County Museum of Art :
Northern Europe and Spain : Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
The Last Supper
Thème religieux
Pedro Berruguete
approx. from 1495 to 1500

Louvre Museum :
La Cène
Tableau religieux
Philippe de Champaigne
near 1652
Flandres - Fin du XVIème siècle
La Cène
Tableau religieux
Ecole flamande
Frans II Pourbus
Sizes : 2.87 m x 3.7 m
Maître de l'Enéide
La Cène
Scène religieuse
approx. from 1550 to 1600
Le Christ bénissant
L'Institution de l'Eucharistie
Thème religieux
Carlo Dolci
Sizes : 34 cm x 26 cm
La Cène
Thème religieux
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Sizes : 80 cm x 89 cm
from 1745 to 1750

Metropolitan Museum of Art :
Patinir, Joss van Cleve, Massys
The Last Supper
Exterior panels : Adam and Eve
approx. from 1500 to 1525

National Museum of Western Art (NMWA) - Tokyo :
16th and 17th Century Flemish Paintings
The Last Supper
Le dernier Repas
Thème religieux
Martin de Vos

Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium :
Bernard van Orley
La Cène
Thème religieux
Pieter Coeck van Aelst
Sizes : 64 cm x 82 cm
Triptyques et retables flamands du XVIème siècle
La Cène
Thème religieux
Cornelis Cornelisz. Buys
Sizes : 84 cm x 67 cm

The California Palace of the Legion of Honor :
High Renaissance and Manierism
Last Supper
Thème religieux
Coulhin Noyer
XVIth century

Vatican Museums - Sistine Chapel :
Sistine Chapel
Last Supper
Wall fresco
Cosimo Rosselli
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