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Standing bodhisattva in Zenkoji-style

Standing bodhisattva in Zenkoji-style

Artist : Anonymous

Date : approx. between 1392 and 1573

Sizes : 11 cm x 33 cm x 11 cm
Acquisition : The Avery Brundage Collection
Muromachi period
Item 9 on 22
Far East Art
Sculpture (Statue)

Area related


This standing bodhisattva is distinguished by his high octagonal crown and the gesture he makes by holding his palms together in front of his chest. Most likely he was one of two bodhisattvas that were part of a triad with the buddha Amitabha (Japanese: Amida) modeled on the famous Zenkoji set at Zenkoji, a rather remote temple located in the mountains in Nagano prefecture. From the twelfth century on, the temple taught Pure Land Buddhism and prospered under the government's patronage. The temple's principal sculptures, this Amida triad became known throughout Japan. Many sculptures were modeled on them and were known as Zenkoji-style Amida triads.
Standing bodhisattva in Zenkoji-style