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The Buddhist deity Yamantaka (Daiitoku Myoo)

The Buddhist deity Yamantaka (Daiitoku Myoo)

Artist : Anonymous

Model : Yamantaka

Date : approx. between 1100 and 1300

Sizes : 28 cm x 28 cm
Material : Gilded bronze, Gilded wood
Acquisition : The Avery Brundage Collection
Kamakura period
Item 17 on 22
Far East Art
Sculpture (Bas-relief)

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Plaques made of metal or wood, bearing a single image or a group of images are known kakebotoke (literally, "hanging Buddhist image"). Worshipers donated them to temples, where they were hung in or near the Image Hall of a temple compound. In the center of this plaque is an image of Yamantaka (Japanese: Daiitoku Myoo), one of the five kings of magical knowledge worshiped in Esoteric Buddhism, who is believed to help others conquer death by attaining enlightenment. In this kakebotoke, Daiitoku Myoo is depicted with six heads and six arms and legs, seated on a recumbent water buffalo. Originally the arms held symbolic implements. In Japan, Daiitoku Myoo is popularly worshiped as the god of agriculture and cows.
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The Buddhist deity Yamantaka (Daiitoku Myoo)