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That Pathoum

That Pathoum

Artist : Anonymous

Date : between 1514 and 1515

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Définitif) : 1995

Stupa of the Great Lotus - "Watermelon Stupa"
Item 4 on 6
Place(s) of worship
Architecture (Stupa)

Area related
Luang Prabang (Laos)


Another important and prominent feature of the wat is its unique That Pathoum, or Stupa of the Great Lotus, in the front and northeastern side of the sim. It is known more popularly as That Makmo, the "Watermelon Stupa" because of its rounded dome. The dome stylistically reflects a Sinhalese influence and is the only stupa of such a shape in Laos, and perhaps even in Cambodia or Vietnam. Originally erected between 1514 and 1515, it was destroyed during the Haw Black Flag incursion in 1887. Inside were numerous ancient Buddha images. Many were destroyed; a number are in the National Palace Museum, and some are in the sim itself. Its reconstruction was not seriously undertaken until the late 1920s, over thirty years after the reconstruction of the sim, and was completed in 1932. The stupa sets on a number of different square tiers and has a Lao-Buddhist style Usnisa crown at its top.
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That Pathoum