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The Great Stupa

The Great Stupa

Artist : Anonymous

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Définitif) : 1995

Item 6 on 9
Place(s) of worship
Element of architecture (That)

Area related
Luang Prabang (Laos)


Wat That or Wat Mahathat, officially Wat Pha Mahathat or Wat Si Mahatat, is the "Monastery of the Stupa" and is one of the more attractive of Luang Prabang's wats. It was founded by King Say Setthathirath (ruling from Chiang Mai) in 1548. The king also erected the imposing Lan Na style "that", or stupa, that graces the ground in back of the sim. This stupa-prasat style has a tiered square base surmounted by the stupa with square, octagonal and round tiers above. The northern Thai influence can be seen in the golden umbrellas at the peak of the stupa and in many other places in the wat.
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The Great Stupa