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Zenana Deorhi

Zenana Deorhi

Artist : Anonymous

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Castles and Palaces
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Amber (India)


The oldest part of the Amber Fort, Zenana Deorhi, contains the women's apartments for the wives of the Maharaja. This section was the original royal palace built by Man Singh I when he constructed Amber Fort in 1592, but when Jai Singh I expanded the fort, it was turned into the women's quarters. It consists of a large courtyard (the fourth in the palace) surrounded by many individual apartments and a hammam. The largest apartment belonged to the principal wife of the Maharaja. The Zenana is not the best preserved part of the Amber Fort, but the beautiful architecture was still admirable. It contains beautiful lattice windows, chhatri balconies, and faded colorful frescoes. The main courtyard contains a pretty pavilion, known as the Baradari.
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Zenana Deorhi