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   Turkey > Istanbul > Palace of Topkapi > Fountain of Ahmed III
Fountain of Ahmed III
Fountain of Ahmed III
Sultan Ahmet Çesmesi
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Palace of Topkapi
Outdoor Architecture

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Sponsor : Ahmet III
Area related : Istanbul

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The Fountain of Sultan Ahmed III is located at the great square in front of the Imperial Gate of Topkapı Palace. It is a Rococo edifice that was built under Sultan Ahmed III in 1728, in the style of the Tulip period. It was a social centre and gathering place.
Each of the four façades contain a drinking fountain (çeşme), flanked by niches and decorated in low relief with foliate and floral designs. On each corner is a triple-grilled sebil (water tank from which an attendant issued cups of water from behind a grille). Above the drinking fountains is an elegant frieze with a long poem in calligraphy, dedicated to water, framed in blue and red bands. The roof is formed by a central dome, rising from an octagonal drum, and a little turret on each of the four corners. The ceiling is elaborately panelled.
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