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Venice and the Veneto
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Venice and the Veneto
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Italian Painting

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Venice during the 15th century was a great trading republic. Paintings by the city's official painter, Gentile Bellini, reveal its connections with Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire.

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Links with the Netherlands also profoundly affected the appearance of Venetian painting. Antonello da Messina had learned Netherlandish oil painting techniques in his native Sicily but, in 1475-6, on seeing the many pictures imported by Venetians from the Netherlands, he was further encouraged to emulate their detailed naturalism and, especially, the bold characterization and commanding presence of the portraits. Antonello's example helped inspire a Venetian vogue for portraiture, climaxing with Giovanni Bellini's masterpiece - his portrait of Doge Loredan.

Other influences are evident in Bellini's work. His first linear style was strongly affected by the paintings of his brother-in-law Andrea Mantegna, but he developed a different approach to the setting of figures in landscape. He achieved a complete integration; the shapes of figures and landscape features reflect one another and both are bathed in radiant light.
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Gentile Bellini (1427-1507)
Cardinal Bessarion and Two Members of the Scuola della Carità in prayer with the Bessarion Reliquary
Scène intérieure
Sizes : 37 cm x 102 cm
approx. from 1472 to 1473

Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516)
The Blood of the Redeemer
Thème religieux
Sizes : 34 cm x 47 cm
approx. from 1460 to 1465
The Doge Leonardo Loredan
Sizes : 45 cm x 62 cm
from 1501 to 1504
Saint Jerome reading in a Landscape
Thème religieux
Sizes : 34 cm x 47 cm
approx. from 1480 to 1485
The Agony in the Garden
Thème religieux
Sizes : 127 cm x 81 cm
near 1465

Francesco Bonsignori (1455-1519)
Portrait of an Elderly Man
Sizes : 30 cm x 42 cm

Juraj Culinovic (Giorgio Schiavone) (1433-1505)
The Pietà
approx. from 1456 to 1461

Marco d'Antonio di Ruggero (Marco Zoppo) (1433-1478)
The Dead Christ supported by Saints
Thème religieux
Sizes : 21 cm x 26 cm
near 1465

Antonello de Messine (Antonello da Messina) (dead in 1479)
Portrait of a Man
Sizes : 25 cm x 36 cm
near 1475
Christ Crucified
Thème religieux
Sizes : 25 cm x 42 cm
Saint Jerome in his Study
Thème religieux
Sizes : 32 cm x 46 cm
near 1475

Di Betto Bardi de Donato di Niccolò (Donatello) (1386-1466)
Dead Christ tended by Angels
Sizes : 114 cm x 81 cm
approx. from 1435 to 1443

Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506)
The Agony in the Garden
Thème religieux
Sizes : 80 cm x 63 cm
near 1460

Andrea Previtali (1470-1528)
Christ Blessing
Thème religieux
approx. from 1512 to 1515

Andrea di Bartolo Solari (Andrea Solario) (1465-1524)
A Man with a Pink
Sizes : 39 cm x 49 cm
near 1495

Jacometto Veneziano (dead in 1497)
Portrait of a Boy
Sizes : 20 cm x 23 cm
approx. from 1475 to 1498

Alvise Vivarini (1442-1505)
Portrait of a Man
Sizes : 47 cm x 62 cm
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Venice and the Veneto (17)