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Tilla Durieux Park
Tilla Durieux Park
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Tilla Durieux is a "contemporary park design" which facilitates the residential and commercial businesses that surround the park. The buildings that surround Tilla Durieux act as walls that frame the linear expanse. The five seesaws located in the center, impressive due to their size, help break up the contemporary non-traditional park designed by DS Landscape Architects.
Tilla Durieux Park is two linear greens or a "green belt" that extends 450 meters long. The the edges are up to about 4 meters tall and downward sloping banks of up to 35º degrees. Five enormous seesaws have been placed in the center of the greens to help break the linear expanse of the lawns. In addition, the seesaws act as a "playful counterpart" to the relaxing open greens.

The significance of Tilla Durieux Park is due to the location within the old railway triangle and Potsdamer Platz of whom the park was named after. The designers were criticized a great deal for creating a non- traditional park but were however successful. There are many design flaws including: the stairs which are made of metal that are attached to the center part of the green when coming to the area where the seesaws are located. These stairs lead one along side of the lawn to the other side to then walk up on to the lawn area.
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Tilla Durieux Park