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   China > Macao > Macau > Company of Jesus Square
Company of Jesus Square
Company of Jesus Square
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Area related : Macao

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Définitif) : 2005

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Company of Jesus Square has St. Paul's Ruins, and Na Tcha Temple. The Ruins of St. Paul's represent the remaining front elevation of the Church of Mater Dei (1603-40). The façade is based on classical orders in mannerist style integrating distinctly Oriental motifs. Near the church there are the archaeological remains of the old College of St. Paul's, a witness of the first Western model university in Asia. Na Tcha Temple (1888) is a small traditional structure standing close to the old city walls. The Section of the Old City Walls (1569), 18.5m long, is built in chunambo, a local material made from a mixture of clay, sand, rice straw, ground rocks and oyster shells compacted in layers. East of the these is the Mount Fortress (1626), which stands on the Mount Hill (52m above sea level). The fortress covers an area of 10,000m2; its plan is a trapezoid. It was built against attacks from the sea.
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Company of Jesus Square