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My Tho
My Tho
Mỹ Tho
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Mekong Delta

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Mỹ Tho is the capital city and municipality of the Tiền Giang Province in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. It has a population of approximately 160,000.
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This town has been rebuilt since receiving almost unimaginable pounding during the Vietnam War. Row upon row of neglected wooden buildings overhang the waterfront : junks, sampans and other curious craft glide by on the river. During September or October, the muddy waters of the Mekong look extremely threatening but still the river life goes on. One of the things which first strikes the visitor is the abundance of river and canals. Everywhere there are fish farms where "Tai Tuong" (Elephant's ears), a variety introduced from Indonesia, are kept in their thousands. My Tho is dotted with Buddhist pagodas and surrounded by rice fields and fruit gardens. The 150 year old Vinh Trang Pagoda combines Vietnamese Khmer and French architecture which reflects the religion and history of the land.

With its capital, Mytho, only 75 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, this province can be visited on a day trip from the city. Easily accessible by car and bus or ferry boat, this capital city of Tien Giang Province receives more tourists than any other in the delta.
As the regional capital My Tho is the main market dealing in all the produce from the region as well as fish & seafood from My Tho's large ocean going fishing fleet. The very large & exuburant market is one of South Vietnam's biggest sources for dried fish & other dried seafood products such as Kho Muc - dried squid. At nighttime the market is dedicated to the dealing and sorting of Mekong river fish - particularly catfish for HCMCs wholesale markets. Produce especially fruit & veg is delivered by boat directly to the market.

It is a popular starting point for tourists to take a boat trip on the Mekong River.

My Tho is famous for its noodle soup Hu Tieu My Tho, (more common in South Vietnam is Hu Tieu Nam Vang - literally Hu Tieu Phnom Penh Style). Hu Tieu My Tho is typically a clear pork broth with vermicelli rice noodles & wheat noodles (Mi) combined. Sliced pork, meaty pork bones,offal such as intestine, liver & heart and fresh shrimp ,possibly deep fried wonton. The soup is then garnished by the diner to the individual taste with salad leaves, Chinese chives, beansprouts, lime , fresh chilli soy sauce & vinegar. The noodles can be served dry with the soup on the side, or as a noodle soup. Temple in My Tho

Also famous in My Tho is Bo Vien or beef ball. There are very busy stalls near the My Tho market that serve only Bo Vien in beef broth or with Hu Tieu noodle. It is eaten with very hot chilli sauce (Tuong Ot)
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