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   India > Ajanta > Ajanta Caves > Cave 22
Cave 22
Cave 22
Section 16 on 19

Ajanta Caves
Place(s) of worship

approx. between 477 and 480

Relationship with : Bouddha
Area related : Ajanta

Open daily excepted monday

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Définitif) : 1983

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The tiny Cave 22, started up above Caves 21 and 23 in 477, and high enough not to break into the porch cells of the lager caves below, was still very incomplete when Harisena died.
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Totally abandoned, it was taken over, during the Period of Disruption by a dozen different new devotees, who filled the unfinished shrine antechamber and the rear wall with carved and painted intrusions, many of which have brief dedicatory inscriptions, mostly referring to monastic donors -surely in large part the monks still resident at the site during these disruptive years of 479 and 480.

On the right wall of the shrine are painted the seven Manushi-Buddhas with Maitreya under their respective Bodhi Trees.
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Bouddha of cave 22
Hall of cave 22
Main room of cave 22
Seven Buddha of the Past and Maitreya
Religious theme
Bas-relief of the pillars
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