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Ram Raja Temple
Ram Raja Temple
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approx. between 1531 and 1554

Area related : Orchhâ

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This palace turned temple, which was constructed by the Bundela king Bharti Chand (1531-1554), With its soaring spires and palatial architecture, is one of the most unusual in India.
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During the time of King Madhukar Shah (1554-1592), legend has it that the statue of Ram, brought from Ayodhya, was temporarily installed by the Queen here while Chaturbhuj Temple was being built. Later on, it was impossible to move the statue to the new location. The Queen deemed that it was the deity's edict that it should remain in its place.

It is the only temple in the country where Ram is worshipped as a Raja (king) rather than a god, probably because the statue of the god is in a palace. The statue now, however, was somehow moved to the Chaturbhuj Temple next door.

You can find the pink temple with its marble tiled floors at the end of the bazaar in the village. During the festivals of Rama, the site is popular with pilgrims. At night of full moon in Orchha, many of pilgrims come to this occasion, sleep directly on the ground, in front of the Ran Raja temple. Many of them make multiple tours of the temple, by praying, some stop, placing the palm of the hands against the wall, the others else stretching on the ground.
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