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Anjuna Market
Anjuna Market
Anjuna Flea Market
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Goa and Churches of Old Goa

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Open daily excepted monday, thursday, tuesday, friday, saturday et sunday

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The Anjuna market, known more popularly as the flea market is held on every Wednesday (except during the monsoon) in a grove of coconut palms between the rocky beach of Anjuna and the fallow rice paddies.
The concept of flea market was started by the hippies in early 80s, when they used to gather at the same place in Anjuna while many needy foreigners used to sell their electronic items or barter other stuffs to the locals. The market is said to have originated on Valentine's Day 25 years ago by an American hippie, Eddie Mazmaniam, for raising small scale funds. So sometimes the market is also called the "hippie market".

Currently Indians and Westerners, both sell their merchandise on this market. Everything from Indian crafts, silver jewellery, wooden chess sets, wide brimmed straw hats and bags, trinkets of shells and beads to the hottest London Clubwear, is sold in this resourceful market. Tattoo-Artists and Piercers are also present to display their art. It's also full of westerners who came to Goa to drink and party and "chill out" and who somehow just never left.

If one has just arrived at Anjuna market from a peaceful Goan beach like Palolem or Benaulim, one would find the commotion nerve-wracking. It is a mad, chaotic world of colors, crowds, shouting, clamor and clatter and all manner of goods from fabrics, ornamental crafts, spices, clothing, local Goanese, Kahmiri and Tibetan handicrafts and Goan trance music. The market has changed considerably from its early hippy days, but despite being an obvious tourist hub, Anjuna Market is worth a visit. The stalls look stunning, the ambience is fantastic, and, of course, it's the perfect place to get those holiday souvenirs. Though most items are exorbitantly priced, one has to haggle successfully to make good deals!

It is the most colorful market among all, but also condemned these days due to alleged rampant sell of narcotics.

The weekly flea-market at Anjuna is an exhibition of different cultures-national and international. It can be reached by road or by sea, since some fishermen have begun to transport people around the headland from the neighboring beach of Baga.
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