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Carikli Church
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Carikli Church
Sandals Church
Çarıklı Kilise
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Cappadocia : Göreme - Selime - Zelve

Area related : Göreme

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Définitif) : 1985

The smallest of the columned churches in Goreme Open Air Museum, it is situated at the northwest part of the museum. The entrance is from the north, the church is one of the rooms that surrounds the courtyard of the monastry.

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The narthex part of the church is collapsed. The plan is in square form with two free supported columns, Greek cross shaped and 3 apses. Even though it is named after the two deep foot prints on the ground which is under the figure of the ascention of Jesus, it is also thought that the chuch was built for the name of the holy cross because of some of iconographic figures and the cross themed gaffitis.

The church is built on two floors. At the bottom floor there is a refectory with aniche at the edge of it where the last supper was drawn into it.

Twelve scenes of Jesus's life are drawn onto the church. It is thought that the scenes decrease to 12 through the change in the architectural form. Three of these sceness are the childhood of Jesus, two of them are the maturity and the other seven scenes are the period of suffering of Jesus. As in the Elmali Church (Apple church) the 4 bayrams (Annunciation, Temptation of the Temple, Pentekost and Koimesis ) are left out of the siklus and only eight are drawn.

You may see some independent figures also. Due to the architectural and painting technique the capital's forms are used and like in Karanlik (Dark) church the figures are not in a chronological order, they are in free format. The only figures that are situated at their traditional settled places are the crucifixion and the anastasis.

- At the main dome, the figure of Jesus the Pantocrator with the busts of angels in the insets are seen. Below this there are the four authors of the bible (Matta, Lucas, John the Baptist and Marcus) figures. Three of the angels (Michael, Gabriel and Uriel) figures are drawn in the other three domes.
- In the middle dome where the Angel Gabriel is seen, there are scenes of Jesus heading to Golgota and the raising of Lazarus.
- In the central apse, as in Elmali Church, a well preserved figure of the Deesis is seen. The words "I am the light of the world, who follows me will not be left in the dark" are seen in the figure of Jesus in which he is depicted holding an open book.
- Around the altar, the figures of Blaise, Gregory ofNazianus, Basil, Chrysostom and Hypatios are drawn. Even though the scenes are damaged intentionally, the physical appearance of them fits the iconography of the 11th century.
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Göreme open air museum
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Göreme open air museum