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Byzantium Hospital
Byzantium Hospital
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VIth century

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Built in the 6th century AD, the top storey of two-storey building is not in evidence today. It consisted of five residences whose tops were vaulted. Obviously not a dwelling or religious building, it could have been built as a guesthouse and used as an hospital.
This was common in the Byzantine era. Also during the 6th century, it is known that emperor Justinianus had a hospital built in the Pamphylia region. It the name of the famous physician Cosmas. As Side was then the center of the bishopry, it is quite possible that this hospital was built in Side. The hospital is very close the bishop's palace and the basilica, and also another church. Often in the Byzantine era, monasteries were used as hospitals, or hospitals were built near monasteries.
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Byzantium Hospital