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Degu Taleju Temple
Degu Taleju Temple
Taleju Mandir - Degutaleju
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Durbar Square
Place(s) of worship


Relationship with : Durga
Area related : Kathmandu

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Définitif) : 1979

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Construction of the huge three-tiered Taleju Mandir heralded a new phase in the architecture of the Kathmandu Valley. It was the first temple erected with more than two roofs and the first to be raised on a tall stepped platform.
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It is said that the mandir was built in the shape of a yantra on the advice of Taleju herself and that she appeared to the King at the dedication ceremony disguised as a bee.

Taleju Bhawani was originally a goddess from the south of India, but she became the titular deity or the royal goddess of the Malla Kings in the 14th century. Built in 1564 by King Mahendra Malla, Taleju Temple is the royal deity of Malla kings. The temple stands 36,6 meters high, resting on a twelve stage plinth. Its three roofs soar above the rest of the Hanuman-dhoka complex, and until very recent times it was considered very inauspicious to build a house higher than this temple. At the eighth stage of the plinth, the step broadens out into a platform with 12 miniature temples. This ultra-sacrosanct temple is for hindus opened only once a year, during Dashain. Smaller Taleju temples are erected in her honour in Patan and Bkhaktapur.

The Taleju Temple is opened only once a year to people
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