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Guhyeshwari Temple
Guhyeshwari Temple
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Pashupatinath Temple
Place(s) of worship

XVIIth century

Relationship with : Parvati
Area related : Kathmandu

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Définitif) : 1979

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The courtyard style Guheswari Temple, also spelled Guhyeshwari or Guhjeshwari Temple is one of the revered holy temple in Kathmandu. It was built by King Pratap Malta in 1653 and dedicated to Parvati (the wife of Shiva) in her terrible manifestation as Kali.
Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter this temple, but you can peek into the compound from the path to see the four huge gilded snakes that support the roof finial.

The riverbank in front of the temple is lined with Shiva shrines and octagonal plinths for ritual bathing. The temple's curious name comes from the Nepali words guhya (vagina) and ishwari (goddess) - literally, it's the temple of the goddess' vagina!

According to legend, the father of Parvati insulted Shiva and the goddess become so incensed that she burst into flames, providing the inspiration for the practice of sati, where widows were burned alive on the funeral pyres of their husbands. The grieving Shiva wandered the earth with the disintegrating corpse of Parvati and her genitals fell at Guhyeshwari.
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Guhyeshwari Temple